Monday, November 15, 2010

LileStyle Social Media Video Series: How to use your smart phone to update your Twitter account.

Welcome to our second episode of our LileStyle Social Media Video Series, which was also inspired by our many clients who have smart phones, but haven't yet figured out which applications to use to update their social media accounts. We started with Facebook, and our next one will be all about how to understand Twitter and we'll be taking questions from all of our readers and using those to create future videos.

Big thanks to Hannah Jorgensen, the actress you see in this video. She is very fun to work with and we really enjoy having her work with us. Hannah is an artist down to her core, so if you are looking for someone with a HUGE amount of creativity, she is your gal.

Using smart phones to update your social media sites is instrumental in helping you provide live social media support for your events or trade-shows. We use it all of the time to keep people informed in real time and it has proven to be quite successful.

If you have a question about social media that you would like to see demonstrated via video, please email or post them down below in the comments section.