Monday, August 8, 2011

9 Fantastic ways to use mobile tagging with QR Codes

A QR Code (also known as a mobile tag or Quick Response code) is a special 2-dimensional bar code that can be read by anyone with a mobile device. These codes have information in them that activates the applications on your phone to do a variety of tasks ranging from adding contact information to your address book to just opening up your web browser and a specified website.

According to Wikipedia, the code came about as a way to track parts on vehicle manufacturing and is now so wide spread that you can find a QR code almost anywhere, making them the fastest growing mobile trend to date.

Despite my best efforts, all three thumbnail options were of me with my eyes closed but despite this factor, the video is very informative if you have never seen the QR Code in action.

There are many different types of things these QR Codes can do, and I've put together the 9 most FANTASTIC ways to use mobile tagging:

  1. Add new contact information into your address book- A great example of this is for use on name tags for seminars or conferences, as well as for business cards. This allows a user to
    automatically put all your information into their address book at the simple click of a button!
  2. Open up a specific website with your web browser- This is the most common way to use the mobile tags and drive traffic to a specific page on your website. For best practices you should always create a custom landing page for each code so that you can track the traffic and begin to understand your customers.
  3. Play a specific YouTube video- Videos are an incredible way to enhance specific products. For example, if you have a book on the market and you want to find a way to build loyalty with your fan base, you could create a special video for each chapter that enhances it with an in-depth behind the scenes look for that chapter. Link each video to a different code and print the codes at the top of each chapter in your book. You can do this with specific products you are selling and with movies, music, art, etc.
  4. Direct you to a specific location with your Google Maps application- Perhaps you own a restaurant and you like to put print ads on the metro station or bus station signs. Why not add a QR code that will open up a user's maps application and plot a route directly to your location? This would make it really easy to ensure that everyone in your vicinity can find you quickly and it's really fun for the user to use!
  5. Make mobile payments and/or donations using PayPal- Imagine how easy it will be to accept pay pal payments right on the spot! Whether you are promoting your organization at a conference or door to door, you can make it even more meaningful with on-site donation capabilities.
  6. Get a digital coupon for in store purchases- Why not make a friend for life by giving your customers a special surprise just for being cool and scanning your code? Increase brand loyalty and provide enjoyment all at the same time.
  7. Check-in with the popular FourSquare application- FourSquare is a great place for brick and mortar businesses to begin building brand loyalty and there are lots of ways to reward your customers for checking in. Making it easy and fun with a special mobile tag really enhances their visit!
  8. Instantly LIKE a Facebook Page- Facebook is the number one place to build brand loyalty through your online fan base since it is the most popular social network. Make it easy for your fan base to grow by using a custom QR Code that allows a user to instantly like your page, and open up your marketing base by leaps and bounds.
  9. Instantly add an event to your calendar- Event advertisers are going to love this idea! Why not put a custom QR code into each event you are advertising and make it open up a user's calendar and put the event in there? Make sure that the information going into the address book includes a web link to your event so that they can learn more about it!
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