Sunday, April 28, 2013

Facebook Storage Failure Error runs rampant across multiple browsers- April 28, 2013

Facebook Storage Failure occurs when you try to upload a picture to Facebook.

Today our team noticed a wide-spread issue between several of our managed Facebook pages. We kept receiving the Storage Failure upload error when trying to update the pages' timeline with a photo.

While trying multiple times on Firefox, Chrome and Explorer, we noticed the problem existed on all of these browsers, yet remained intermittent.

Firefox seems to have a better success rate after multiple tries.

Upon researching Facebook's known issues, we found several cases where this has come up, but not as of 2013, so something must have changed overnight. We'll continue to monitor the current Facebook blog.

During our research, we came across several recent mentions from users who were experiencing this same issue as of today, April 28, 2013.

Should you encounter this issue, you may wish to try several times to get the photo to upload and you may also wish to report the issue to Facebook: