Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Social Experiment - Part 1, Starting a Movement

President and Owner of LileStyle Productions, Angie Lile, has many passions. She loves to play around on social media sites and absorbs social media news at the same rate as her coffee/smoothie.  She loves her kids and family and how much time she gets to spend with them when she's not on Facebook. She loves her friend and LileStyle's Senior Writer, Susan Stocking and her extreme abilities in the kitchen and uncanny way of finding a great deal.

But recently, Angie was consumed by an all new passion: flat-packed furniture. Particularly the kind you find at Ikea.

Having driven with Susan to an Ikea in Chicago and making their first ever purchases, walking through the vast spaces filled with every kind of room configuration imaginable and playing with all of the cabinets and drawers, this dynamic duo decided to begin a new social experiment with grand ideas of accomplishments.

Hence, the "Bring Ikea to Kansas City" movement was begun.  Susan and Angie sat down to discuss how to start a movement and quickly decided that a Facebook page would be the easiest and quickest way to start.  They talked about what they could provide on a Facebook page that would get people as excited about Ikea as they were.  There were many ideas tossed about and Angie used her Facebook technical skills to formulate the new page.

She added two very custom tabs to the page which would serve to (a) raise the overall visibility of the page to others and (b) give people who supported the page a reason to come back to the page over and over again.

"The first tab was easy," said Angie of her experiences. "I had just returned from a social media seminar where there was a lot of talk about Pinterest and how the demographic of Pinterest was about 75% women. This is the same as the demographic we had assumed would be interested in our page, so we decided to start a Pinterest account for uploading pictures that we had taken at Ikea to the board. Then I created a custom tab with "" and embedded our Pinterest board into it."

The response with Pinterest has been very slow, but mostly because the team has not been actively pinning things to it. The plan is to increase pinning so more followers will pick up Movement.

The second tab that was added to the Facebook page was a community tab which allows users to post when they are planning a trip to Ikea. Others can then either plan their trip at the same time or give a list of items to the ones going and ask them to bring the items back.  According to Lile, "Since we don't have Ikea in Kansas City, most people are faced with a minimum of 7 hours in a car to get to the nearest store. With a drive like that, I would ask my friends and family if they want me to bring them anything. The 'Ikea or BUST' tab does the same thing on a larger scale."

The Facebook page is only one week old and has garnered an amazing 400 Likes, mostly through word of mouth. The next phase of the plan will involve an investment of $25.00 into advertising to see if more people will see the page. We'll make sure the advertising is focused on the four states closest to Kansas City:  Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Iowa.

As the movement continues to build, LileStyle will implement many other tactics and document them here. This will also cover the content type that we use. So far, we have noticed that pictures of locations in Kansas City that have an "Ikea" sign photo-shopped in, are the most popular content.  People also love the photos which depict Ikea used in functional ways.  Please be sure to follow this blog or sign up for our newsletter to see how this social experiment unfolds.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

How do the new Facebook Pages Timeline affect you?

Screen Shot from the Information Page on Facebook

It's been a flurry of activity in the LileStyle office where we spent the entire day listening and reading about the new Facebook Timeline for Brand Pages announcement.

Many are asking the same questions we were asking... "What happened to the landing pages?"

Facebook specifically dodged and avoided all questions regarding landing pages, but it is clear that the option is no longer available under the management tab with the new timeline feature. You can have custom tabs (which most landing pages are), but you cannot send new traffic to a specific tab. All new traffic will now go to the default home screen for your page.

So why hasn't Facebook just said, "We dumped this feature.."?

Our assumption is that Facebook has not yet decided to scrap this ability, but will wait to see what kind of feedback they will get once people realize it is not there. So they are remaining tight-lipped, but we also know that there are new features coming that have not made it to the test site as of yet.

Those changes include:

1. Administration levels.

No admin is created equal so they are creating 5 admin levels which would mean that you could avoid the problem of having a disgruntled admin kick everyone off the page and take over. This is great news for anyone with multiple admins on a page.

2. Real-time insights.

Insights currently operate with a several day delay so it may take that long to see how well your posts are doing. With real-time insights, we'll get to see immediately how the post is being engaged with, and we'll be allowed to make edits to the post to create more engagement. This is a great tool that can be used for fine-tuning your message.

So what's new?

Some the the biggest changes that are in place right now:

1. Message feature.

We know that people are trying to figure out how to message their fans. Facebook has brought us ONE step closer by adding a "message" button to the page.  You have the option to not display this feature, but the default is set to be there.  This allows followers to open up a message box to send a message to the page.  It will show up in the admin area for all of the admins to see and respond to right from the interface.

As far as we can tell, this does not mean that the page can just randomly message followers, rather it is a one-way request for conversation that must be initiated by the follower.

2. Custom Cover Creation.

This will be an amazing way to create a more dynamic page because you can change your cover out as often as you like.  Watch the video below to learn how to create and change your cover.

3. Custom Application Icons.

Now you can create custom Application Icons and replace the old ones with something that better ties in the theme of your page.  Take a look at LiveStrong's page and how the application tabs match the cover:

Watch the video below to learn how to change your application tabs.

4.  New Admin Panel.

The admin panel is now streamlined to show you what you want to know at a glance. This is also where you can find the message panel to respond to messages.

How to customize your Page

Watch this informational video where we walk you through the changes and show you how to customize your page: