Thursday, February 10, 2011

Top 5 things you should know about the new Facebook Pages.

It's been another one of those big "surprises" from Facebook today with the launching of a new re-design of the popular Facebook Pages. LileStyle has already tried it out and found something you need to be aware of so we'll get right to our Top 5 things you should know about the new Facebook pages.

1. You are going to get more EMAIL!

The new Facebook pages are designed to look and feel and ACT like a facebook profile. This means that anytime anyone posts a comment or picture, or even likes a comment on your page, you will get an EMAIL! Unless of course you turn this feature off in your settings.

Do this by going to "Edit Page" and click on the "Your Settings" tab on the left menu. Uncheck the box to be emailed if you don't want to be deluged with every like on your popular comments.

2. You can comment on other pages AS your page!

We noticed right away that you can switch your profile so that you are operating as your page instead of yourself. This is great because you can actually go to another person's facebook page and post a comment on their page as your page. You can NOT, however, post any comments on personal profile pages as a facebook page.

3. Profile Image sizes have been changed!

If you are using one of the tall images that are popular for Facebook pages these days (200X600), then you might need to resize your image to fit the new requirement (180X540).  To learn about this and other technical changes, please visit the Facebook help page and click on the link: "What changed with the new Pages design?"

4.  Extra filters now for comment monitoring!

Now you can filter comments automatically by selecting key words that you don't want to see in the comments! This is an added boost to the level of control you can have over your page.

To make these adjustments, go to "Edit Page" and click the "Manage Permissions" Tab on the left side menu.

5. Feature special pages and admins of your page!

This is an added incentive to finding great partnerships on Facebook. Having the ability to specifiy which pages you "like" actually show up on your page is a great plus in our book! Not only that, but you can bring more and more of your page administrators out into the light!

On a final note, we do have to say that we noticed that there is still no option for directly messaging all of your "likes" at once with news and announcements. That portion of the pages has stayed the same. You will have to rely on all of your other social media skills to get the word out to your facebook followers.

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about these changes. For added information, I found this article helpful: